Non-Credit Continuing Education Flex Registration FAQs

What is "flex" registration?

Each class that includes a flex registration option gives you a variety of ways to learn, including

  • Optional self-paced online training: Upon request, we give you 24/7 access to high-quality self-paced online training you can start any time, and you get access to the course material for 6-18 months (depending on the program).
  • Expert live instruction: Choose from one scheduled live online or in-person course taught by an industry subject matter expert. Live online courses will be presented via Zoom, WebEx or other conferencing tool. 
  • Free follow-up training: You will also be able to register for an additional scheduled course (on the same topic) for free, within six months after completion of your course.

For example, if you register for a “live online” class that starts September 1, you could start learning the basics on your own via the self-paced training. Then you’d log in to your live online class starting September 1. If you want more training after you finish your class, you will be able to register for a later in-person class on the same topic for free.

Which Continuing & Professional Education programs offer a "flex" registration option?

You can see all programs that include a "flex" registration option here.

Why is Continuing & Professional Education offering this option?

Some people will learn best in a traditional in-person classroom environment. Others may thrive in a "live online" environment where they can log into a virtual classroom to learn at specific times, without leaving their home or office. Others may prefer self-paced online training because they want to work independently and learn on their own schedule.

Our goal with the "flex" registration option is to allow our learners to choose the training format that works best for them. That's why "flex" registrations include optional free self-paced online training, one live class (either "live online" or in-person), and one free follow-up live class.

What is included in live classes?

Both live online and in-person classes include live training from an industry subject matter expert instructor, textbook/materials and (for some classes) a voucher to take the corresponding certification exam.

How does a "live online" class work?

Just like an in-person class, you will participate in live online classes on a specific schedule. Most classes meet Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. You will learn directly from an instructor and have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and your fellow learners.

The big difference is: you can participate in a live online class from any location where you have a good Internet connection. Live online courses use Zoom, WebEx or a similar conferencing tool to provide a virtual classroom environment.

We will send you login information prior to the class start date. On the day of class, you can log in from any location and start learning.

How do I register for my free live class?

Once you have purchased a "Flex" class, you will be able to register for one additional "Flex" class on the same topic for free. A 100% discount will be applied automatically to your qualifying additional purchase.

Where will in-person classes meet?

Most in-person classes meet at the University of Arizona at Sierra Vista, though some are offered in Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma or other locations.

What is included with the self-paced online training?

The self-paced training includes

  • 24/7 access to online course material
  • Access to the material for 6-18 months, depending on the program
  • Recorded lectures and slides
  • Some programs may also include virtual cloud-based labs and exam practice
  • Support from an industry subject matter expert to help you understand the material

When will I get access to the self-paced online training?

When you register for your class, you will receive an email with instructions for requesting access to the self-paced online training. 

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Note: the information on this page only applies to non-credit programs offered through the office of Continuing & Professional Education. For academic programs, please see the University of Arizona Covid-19 updates pages for the latest information.

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