Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management 

Project management is one of the top skillsets required by organizations around the world.  Boost your credentials with the Fundamentals of Project Management, offered this Octoberin a revised and more accessible format. Along with our PMP Exam Prep Course, this course satisfies the required 35 hours of training required by the Project Management Institute.   Instructor Jane Hunter received her PHD at UA, holds an M.S. in Engineering Management, and is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. Cost: $1,585.00 (Does not include textbooks or PMI Certification Exam of $585.00)

Fundamentals of Project Management:

6/5/2017 - 6/7/2017 - Monday & Wednesday 5-9pm - In person

6/8/2017- 6/11/2017 - Online

6/12/2017 - Monday - 5-9pm - In person


PMP Exam Preparation:

6/14/2017 - 6/22/2017 - Online

6/23/2017 - 6/24/2017 - Friday & Saturday 8:30am - 4:30pm - In person

**This portion of the class may be taken separately for a reduced cost of $899.00. Click here to register for only the PMP Exam Preparation Class. 


Textbooks Required:

  • Project Management: The Managerial Process (5th or 6th Edition) by Erik W. Larson and Clifford F. Gray,

ISBN: 978-007-128929-0 (5th edition) Cost around $30 - 978-125-918640-0 (6th edition) Cost around $200 -

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation: PMP® Exam Prep, Eighth Edition,

ISBN: 978-1932735659 Cost around $80 -

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This two-part course is intended for working professionals and individuals who wish to enhance their project management skills, as well as for experienced project managers who want to obtain the essential knowledge to pursue project management certification. It prepares students for a career in project management and also satisfies the 35 hours of project management training required by the Project Management Institute for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.

Topics covered in the Fundamentals portion of the class include
• project initiation
• planning project schedules and budgets
• project execution, monitoring and controlling
• outsourcing and international projects
• oversight and agile project management
• closing projects. 

Also covered in the class are basic leadership topics. In the second, PMP Exam Preparation portion of the course, a variety of learning tools — including practice questions, exam preparation study guides, concept reviews, and reference charts — is used to prepare students for the exam.

For project managers, the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is the single most important industry-recognized certification.

Instructors: Jane Hunter, Ph.D.; Isaiah K Adonu, PMP 

Jane Hunter received her Ph.D. from University of Arizona’s Center for the Study of Higher Education. She holds an M.S. degree in Engineering Management and a B.S. degree with distinction in Mechanical Engineering. She is the Chief of Learning Solutions for SkeensMcDonell Consulting Group where she develops and conducts project management and leadership training programs.


Isaiah K Adonu, PMP
Isaiah Adonu is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 17 year’s experience in both the business and technical components of successful project delivery and product development. He has significant experience in engineering actionable process improvements and managing remote teams. He has managed projects in various multinational corporations both in the United States and Europe. Isaiah has a proven track record of successfully managing projects of various complexities, and he has developed as well as delivered training programs to project managers at Fortune 500 companies.