Group of scientists and policy makers in a meeting

New Program: Science Policy and Diplomacy

Climate change, artificial intelligence, space exploration, health care and pandemics all challenge policy makers to understand science, engineering and health questions.

We need scientists capable of interpreting and conveying scientific information to policy makers so they can make informed decisions, and we need policy makers who effectively understand the strengths and weaknesses of scientific conclusions.

Learn to help bridge the gap between science and policy/diplomacy with this new University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education noncredit course.

About Science Policy and Diplomacy

Science Policy and Diplomacy is a unique course, designed and directed by University of Arizona faculty:

  • Dr. Hassan Vafai, Research Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics
  • Dr. Kevin Lansey, Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics, Professor of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

The course introduces the emerging field of science policy and diplomacy (SPD), with presentations from preeminent SPD leaders.

You will explore topics such as the evolution of science policy, the role of ethics in science and engineering, science diplomacy, engineering diplomacy, science diplomacy in cyber space, artificial intelligence, conflict resolution, global health diplomacy, planning for a career in science policy, and more.

Who Should Take This Course?

This is a noncredit professional development course, open to everyone with an interest in the intersection between science and policy/diplomacy. You don't have to be a University of Arizona student or located in Arizona to participate.

Participants with a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) background and participants focused on government, policy, and social sciences are particularly encouraged to register.

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