Religious Diversity in the Classroom

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Course Information
Course Type
Professional Development
Instructor Dr. Alison Jameson Term
Day & Time Online: Self-paced, June 1-30, 2017; In-person: 9am- 2:30pm, Friday June 23, 2017

Course Description

A non-credit course offered through the University of Arizona, Instititute for the Study of Religions and Cultures, in collaboration with Continuing and Professional Education

"One of the most troubling and urgent consequences of religious illiteracy is that it often fuels prejudice and antagonism." - Diane L. Moore

 Although we like to think that, as Thomas Jefferson put it, church and state are  separated in this country, deeply held beliefs and practices are not simply  suspended for the duration of the school day. Students and educators bring to  the  classroom certain fundamental assumptions about the way the world  works.  The  foundation of this course rests upon current (2011-2016) statistics  showing  increasing religious diversity in the United States, and in Arizona in  particular.  Participants will be offered a variety of practical resources to use in  everyday  classroom -and life- situations involving religious diversity. 

 Who should take this course?

 This course is part of a Religion and the Classroom series designed for  educators  involved with students at the K-12 level who are interested in the intersection of  religion and the classroom. Although they are prepared with Arizona teachers and counselors in mind, the information in these courses is relevant to those from other states as well. A minimum of six hours is required in order to complete each fully-online course; these courses will also be offered in person. Upon verification, a certificate of completion (towards maintenance of teacher certification) will be issued by the Office of Continuing and Professional Education. 

Program Dates and Location:

Online Format- Self paced; available June 1-30, 2017

In-person Class- Friday through Saturday, June 23-24 2017 at 1955 East Sixth Street, Tucson AZ 85721

To register for the in-person class, click on the following link (to register for the online class, follow the "Register For Class" tab above)

About the Instructor:

Dr. Alison Jameson is an Assistant Professor in the East Asian Studies and Religious Studies Department at the University of Arizona. She is also the Director of the UA's Institute for the Study of Religions and Cultures. Her areas of specialization include Song dynasty Neo-Confucianism and contemplative pedagogy. She received her M.A. in Philosophy from Ohio University and her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. Courses taught include History of East Asian Buddhism I and II, Zen Buddhism, Special Topics in East Asian Studies and Life After Death in World Religions.