Iris Kimbrough

Program Coordinator

Iris Kimbrough is a Program Coordinator in Continuing and Professional Education (CaPE).  She is responsible for the oversight and development of professional courses for continuing education, corporate training and workforce development. Iris considers herself a “permanent snowbird” after moving to Arizona from Illinois.  She has worked in continuing education for over 10 years, providing program development and management in the healthcare, real estate, home inspection and hospitality industries. 

Prior to transitioning to higher education, Iris was a manager and trainer in the banking industry.  She was fascinated by the empowerment individuals felt after training.  It was during that time she found her passion for adult education. Iris devoted herself to the study of learning theories and practices of adult learners. Iris believes that we should never stop learning and is fascinated by how today’s technology continues to facilitate access to learning opportunities. We are all lifelong learners in both our personal and professional development.