University of Arizona Continuing & Professional Education Digital Badge FAQs

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What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are an increasingly popular way to record and recognize professional development activities. Digital badges are a visual symbol of achievement. More importantly, digital badges include rich detail regarding what you did to earn the badge, such as learning outcomes, competencies achieved, exam results, projects completed and much more.

Digital badges can also be added to your resume and to LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. A potential employer can click on the badge to see exactly what you did to earn it. This allows you to highlight the true depth and breadth of your learning achievement to potential employers.

How do I earn a digital badge?

Digital badges are awarded by University of Arizona Continuing & Professional Education upon successful completion of select noncredit professional development courses/programs. Requirements for successful completion vary by program.

If a digital badge is available for a course/program, that information will be listed in the course description on our website.

When you successfully complete a course/program and earn your badge, you will receive a notification email from University of Arizona Badging.

How soon will I get my digital badge?

For most programs, you will receive your digital badge within two weeks of course/program completion.

Age of Empires players who successfully complete the Illuminated Histories assessment will receive their badge within 24 hours of completion.

I didn't get my badge notification email. What do I do?

When your digital badge is awarded, you will receive a notification email from University of Arizona Badging ( If your course/program includes a digital badge and you successfully completed the requirements to earn the badge, please check your email spam/junk filters. Contact us using the form below if you still cannot locate your notification email.

What is Canvas Badges?

Canvas Badges (formerly known as Badgr) is the digital badging platform for the University of Arizona. We use Canvas Badges to award digital badges to our learners. Our learners can use Canvas Badges to organize, manage, and share their digital badges.

How do I share my digital badge?

Earning a badge is a major achievement, and we are glad you want to share it.

You can share your badge in a variety of ways, including:

  • From your notification email: When you receive your digital badge, the badge notification email includes buttons to share your digital badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.
  • On LinkedIn: You can post your badge on your LinkedIn profile, in the License and Certification section. Or you can share it in your LinkedIn feed. Just click the link to your badge page in the notification email, copy the URL, and share the URL in your LinkedIn License and Certification section or feed.
  • From your Canvas Badges/Badgr account: If you have a Canvas Badges/Badgr account, you can share your digital badge using the Share button on your badge page. Learn more about sharing badges.

Do I need a Canvas Badges/Badgr account to share my badge?

No, you do not need a Canvas Badges/Badgr account to share your badge. You can share your badge directly from your badge notification email using the sharing buttons in the email.

Why would I create a Canvas Badges/Badgr account?

Creating an account is completely optional. An account does allow you to easily organize, manage and share badges.

If you have a Canvas Badges/Badgr account, it is also easier to share badges on your LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms, using Canvas Badges/Badgr's handy built-in badge-sharing features.

How do I create a Canvas Badges/Badgr account?

Go to the Create Account page. Enter your email address and click Submit. Canvas Badges/Badgr will send a verification code to your email address. Enter that code on the Canvas Badges/Badgr account verification screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete signup.



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