Funding Opportunities: Workforce Development, Air Force COOL, Army CA and MyCAA

Congratulations on taking the next step in your professional development! This page provides an overview of the process for workforce development, Air Force COOL, Army CA, and MyCAA-funded program participants.

The University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education is part of the Arizona Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and offers a number of noncredit Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)-approved programs. We also participate in the H-1B program.

We are also a proud participant in the following military education programs:

  • Air Force COOL
  • Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program
  • My Career Advancement Account Scholarship
  • (MyCAA) program for military spouses

If you are working with one of these programs to fund your education and expand your career opportunities, we are here to help!

While the process may vary slightly by program, these are the steps most participants will take.

Workforce development agency funding process overview

Step 1. Discuss with Your Funder

The first step is to contact your funding agency (for example, an Arizona One-Stop Service Center or MyCAA).

Depending on the agency, you may be connected with a career adviser or counselor. This person will usually review your work history, skills and goals to help you choose the right program to advance your career. Your adviser/counselor will usually help you understand the types of support or funding you may be eligible to receive.

Step 2. Choose a Program

Once you have identified your training goals and the funding opportunities available to you, you are ready to choose the program that will help you achieve those goals.

Find the training program that is right for you:

Step 3. Request a Training Plan/Quote

Most funders require us to create a training plan, invoice or quote for you. Generally, this document will be reviewed by the funder to confirm that the training program meets your needs and the agency's funding guidelines. Once you choose your program, all you need to do is fill out our Training Plan/Quote Request form. We will create a training plan for you.

For Army CA participants, the training plan will include all the information required for your invoice/vendor quote. For Air Force COOL participants, this will include the information required for your itemized price quote.

Request a Training Plan

Step 4. Get Approved

When your funding is approved, you may receive a voucher, authorization letter or purchase order document, depending on the funder. Please send that approval document to Jo Ann Bedwell,

Step 5. Start Learning!

After we receive confirmation that your funding is approved, we will register you for the approved program. We will also work with your funder to handle payment processing.


  • Office of Continuing & Professional Education: Contact Jo Ann Bedwell or 520-626-5091
  • Air Force COOL: Please visit the Air Force COOL website to learn more.
  • Army CA: Please visit the Army COOL website to learn more.
  • Arizona Workforce Development Programs: Contact your local One-Stop Service Center for information about your eligibility.
  • My Career Advancement Account Scholarship (MyCAA): To learn more about eligibility to participate in MyCAA, download the MyCAA Fact Sheet (PDF).