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System Protection Technology

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This online program will train personnel on the principles of protection systems—including different schemes used in the protection of generators, buses, transmission and distribution lines, transformers, and motors.

Class Schedule and Format

This non-credit professional development program is fully online and self-paced. This is an open enrollment program, so you can enroll and start learning at any time. Once you enroll, you will have 6 months to complete the program. 

What Is Included

The program includes the following two-hour online courses:

  • 2101 Elements of System Protection
  • 2102 Types of Protective Relays
  • 2103 Monitoring System Conditions
  • 2104 Fault Characteristics
  • 2105 Generator Protection
  • 2106 Transformer Protection
  • 2107 Bus Protection
  • 2108 Motor Protection
  • 2109 Line Protection
  • 2110 Pilot Protection
  • 2111 Protection for System Stability
  • 2112 Testing and Commissioning of Protective Schemes
  • 2113 Power Line Carriers
  • 2114 Fault Investigation and Analysis
  • 2115 Introduction to Static Relaying
  • 2116 Coordination of Protection Devices
  • 2117 Power Supply for Protection and Control
  • 2118 Energy Center Operations
  • 2119 Telecommunications Protection I - HVSP Devices
  • 2120 Telecommunications Protection II - Installation and Configuration
  • 2121 Supervisory Control System (SCADA)
  • 2122 Inadvertent Trips - Cause and Prevention
  • 2123 Fault Calculations and Relay Settings
  • 2124 Testing Techniques
  • 2125 Programmable Logic Controllers

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of Arizona Continuing & Professional Education.

This program is offered in collaboration with 360training, a NERC–approved continuing education (CE) provider. The courses in this program can help you meet the number of required CE hours for maintaining the validity of your NERC certification.