Rebecca Cook, Senior Director

Rebecca Cook is Senior Director of Continuing and Professional Education at the University of Arizona, where she oversees programs focused on giving individuals and organizations a means to transform their worlds.

With innovative and relevant course offerings that address the ever-changing needs of the workplace, CaPE delivers discipline-specific, customized and workforce training, online certificate programs, and lifelong learning opportunities. Developed in collaboration with University of Arizona faculty, industry experts, and corporate, industry and community leaders, CaPE programs provide a remarkable range of options for adult learners.




Jo Ann Bedwell
Administrative Associate
Jo Ann Bedwell is CaPE's Administrative Associate, providing administrative and customer support in addition to organizing and directing the day-to-day operations of the CaPE office.
Patricia Cook
Program Manager
Dr. Patricia "Patti" Cook is the Program Manager, Academic Noncredit Programs. She researches, develops, implements, and oversees a diverse portfolio of non-credit educational programs for CaPE's nontraditional adult students.
Dr. John DeLalla
Program Director
Dr. John DeLalla has been an educator with The University of Arizona for nearly 20 years. He oversees a variety of IT certification training and professional development programs, focusing on the Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca areas.
Ariel Gilbert-Knight
Program Manager
Ariel Gilbert-Knight is a Program Manager at CaPE. She helps implement the technologies that underlie CaPE’s cutting-edge educational offerings, and she also manages CaPE’s marketing and community outreach.
Katharine Lehrman Carey
Program Coordinator
Katharine Lehrman Carey is a program coordinator for CaPE, overseeing a variety of registration and financial functions for CaPE non-credit programs.
Viviana Alexis Ortiz
Program Coordinator
Viviana Alexis Ortiz is a graduate of the University of Arizona and a program coordinator for CaPE. She works with and oversees a variety of non-credit educational programs within CaPE's wide portfolio of programs.
Dana Von Berg
Instructional Designer
Dana Von Berg is the Instructional Designer for CaPE where she builds interactive and engaging learning experiences for CaPE learners.

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