Continuing Education Units

Through the University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education office, your organization can offer programs which provide an educational record known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


Continuing education units are an effective way to measure, record, and report a person’s participation in continuing education activities. They are a nationally recognized and respected method of granting non-degree credit.


The number of contact hours and CEUs must be determined and approved before the program begins.

The total number of CEUs awarded depends on how much time your participants spend in a formal learning situation. Other educational activities connected with the program are also considered. 

Participants earn one CEU for each 10 “contact” hours spent in an organized educational activity. According to requirements set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), this activity must meet under the direction of an approved sponsor and qualified instructors.

Generally, a 60-minute clock hour is the standard of measurement for each contact hour.


Participants often use CEUs to meet career requirements. For example, your industry may have continuing education standards for licensing, certification, or registration. CEUs can also help demonstrate professional competence, career development, vocational growth, and personal achievement.


Since CEUs are not equivalent to academic credit, they are considered non-degree units of credit. However, CEUs are accepted by some colleges and universities. Please check with your institution for details.


CEUs are awarded for participation in educational activities with professional associations, business and industry, occupational groups, and education. Workshops, seminars, training programs, conferences, institutes, and short courses may qualify.

These activities must be developed for a specific clientele, with the purpose of professional updating, recertification, relicensing, retraining/vocational adjustment, or new career orientation.


The IACET has established criteria for CEU-qualified activities:

  1. Thorough planning. For example, your planning process may include market research and gathering input from stakeholders and target student audiences.
  2. Statement of purpose. Your program needs to include a statement of need, educational purpose, and specific objectives.
  3. Qualified instruction. Your CEU program application includes instructor résumés or CVs, which are reviewed by the University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education Registrar.
  4. Program evaluation. During the planning process, your organization outlines an evaluation process that measures how well the activity met your educational objectives.


Before your program begins, complete the CEU Application Form and email the completed form and any accompanying materials to Katharine Lehrman Carey.

There is a CEU program application fee of $75.00 for University of Arizona colleagues or $125.00 for outside groups (non-UA) payable at the time of the request. If your program is not approved for CEUs, the application fee is refunded.

You will be notified within two weeks if the program is approved for CEUs. We will send you a CEU transcript request form along with the approval letter, so your participants can request CEUs.  There is a $25.00 transcript fee payable when the transcript is requested.


CEUs are awarded after your workshop or program ends. The process is very easy:

  1. Each participant completes the CEU transcript request form and pays the $25.00 fee. (After your program is approved for CEUs, we will send you a form that you can share with your participants. You can also download a blank form below.) 
  2. Email the completed participant form to Katharine Lehrman Carey
  3. We will mail the CEU transcript to the participant within two weeks.  
  4. Participants can request copies of the transcript at any time for an additional fee.


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