Group of professionals attending a training session

What We Can Do for Your Organization

The University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education provides innovative and engaging learning experiences that transform the lives of individuals, organizations and communities in Arizona and around the world.

Strategic learning has the ability to transform organizations as employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel. From closing performance gaps, to mastering new technologies and software, to building staff morale, we can partner with you to create a customized learning plan for your organization that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. 


Course Design

No training experts in-house? No problem. We can provide access to curriculum developers and instructional designers, so you can offer a high-quality, interactive and engaging learning experience without being a training expert.  


Learning management system

We utilize a full-featured online learning management system (LMS) to organize and present materials, track learner progress and performance, and to provide opportunities for learners to interact with each other and with their instructor. Learners can access the course at their convenience any time they have an Internet connection, and you can easily monitor their progress.


Registration management and support

We work with you to ensure the right people have access to your training program at the right time.


Badges and certificates

Training program participants can earn credentials such as digital badges, certificates of completion, continuing professional education units (CPEs) or continuing education units (CEUs). We work with you to define exactly what constitutes learner success to ensure your goals are met.


Project management

We coordinate all the moving parts to ensure efficient and timely production and delivery of your training program.