Grievance Policy

Application of Policy

Continuing & Professional Education (CaPE) is committed to conducting our programs in compliance with our policies and Code of Conduct. This Grievance Policy applies to CaPE program participants who believe they have been treated in a way that violates those policies.  

Complaints Not Addressed Through the Grievance Process

Allegations of harassment or of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information are handled by the University of Arizona Office of Institutional Equity.

Grievance Procedure

  1. Attempt informal resolution.

    Participants are encouraged to attempt to resolve concerns or complaints through discussion with the course instructor or a CaPE staff member (staff contact information is available here). If the matter is not resolved to the participant’s satisfaction through this informal process, the participant can submit their grievance to the CaPE senior director, as described below.

  2. Submit a formal grievance.

    Grievances must be submitted to CaPE in writing within one month of the occurrence, either via email to or via mail to:

    University of Arizona Continuing & Professional Education
    Attn: Rebecca Cook
    The Refinery @ The UA Tech Park
    1600 East Idea Lane, 3rd Floor
    Tucson, AZ 85721

    The submission should include sufficient detail to allow CaPE to understand and investigate the grievance, including:

    • A clear statement that reports the alleged conduct, including the date and location.
    • The CaPE Policy or Code of Conduct that the alleged conduct violates.
    • The full name of any individuals involved in the alleged conduct.
    • Any evidence available to support the grievance.


  3. Within two weeks of receipt, the grievance will be reviewed by CaPE. During the review process, CaPE may contact the individual filing the grievance, and any other party relevant to the investigation. Once an investigation is complete, CaPE will provide the individual who filed the grievance with a written summary of grievance resolution.

    If CaPE’s decision is not satisfactory to the individual, the grievance may be escalated to the Vice Provost for Online, Distance and Continuing Education, who has oversight of CaPE programs.

Revised February 2023