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Add Agile and Scrum to Your Project Management Skill Set

Agile frameworks and methodologies are increasingly being adopted by teams and organizations that want to improve quality, increase flexibility, and utilize their resources more effectively.

As McKinsey & Company said in February 2021:

"Agile ways of working can deliver benefits far beyond IT, the function where they originated: faster and more customer-centric decisions, happier customers, better use of talent, less wasted effort, and empowered and engaged employees."

High Demand for Agile Skills

The Project Management Institute (PMI) found that 1 in 4 projects were completed using Agile in the past year, and that over 50% of survey respondents expected to increase their use of Agile approaches in the next five years (see 2021 PMI Pulse).

Employers are also looking to hire staff with Agile skills: According to Burning Glass, in the past year, there were over 230,000 jobs nationwide that asked for Agile skills, including 1/3 of Technical Manager job postings.

Add Agile to Your Skill Set

To meet the demand for Agile skills, the University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education has launched a new Agile training program.

Advanced Project Management Concepts: Using Agile and Scrum is designed for experienced project managers from any industry who want to add Agile and Scrum to their project management skill set.

In the Advanced Project Management Concepts course, participants will:

  • Learn the elements of mindset that help drive agile transformations. 
  • Explore Scrum, one of the most popular agile frameworks.
  • Practice tools and techniques that can help your organization make the fundamental shift to being more agile. 

This live instructor-led course meets August 17-19 and August 24-26 from 5-8 p.m. Participants can choose to attend class sessions in person in Tucson or live online (via Zoom).

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