Spanish/English translator working in an office

New Certificate Program: Spanish/English Interpretation

As the U.S. population grows increasingly diverse, the need for skilled interpreters and translators continues to increase.

The newly launched University of Arizona Spanish/English Interpretation Certificate is a 3-course fully online program designed to train entry-level interpreters to meet the needs of doctors' offices, hospitals, courts, law offices, schools and other settings.

The Interpretation Certificate complements the existing  Spanish/English Translation Certificate program. Translation focuses on the written word, while interpretation focuses on the spoken word. Together, the Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation programs offer bilingual learners two effective pathways to professionalize their language skills.

Spanish/English Interpretation Courses

  • Medical Interpretation starts August 28
  • Legal Interpretation starts January 2024
  • Education Interpretation starts May 2024

Applying to the Interpretation Certificate Program

The Spanish/English Interpretation Certificate Program is intended for bilingual speakers with no formal training in interpretation who wish to improve or expand their knowledge and skills in interpreting.

To apply, interested learners submit a background information form and an oral recording to test their verbal proficiency in English and Spanish.

Applying to the program is free, and applications are accepted year-round.

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