Translation Certificate Program Application

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Course Information
Course Type
Certificate Programs
Location Online
Instructor Henry Rugeles Term
2250 or $750 per course
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Course Description

The certificate in Spanish/English Translation is designed to respond to the increasing local, national, and international demand for professionals, educators, and students interested in meeting the challenges of an increasingly multicultural and multilingual society.

The 3-course, 16-week curriculum, is designed to train entry-level translators in Spanish to meet the needs of doctors' offices, hospitals, public health settings, courts, legal offices, schools, etc. Students who are admitted to the program can also take individual courses.

Who this program is for...

The Spanish online translation certificate (Medical, Legal, and Business), is intended for bilingual (English-Spanish) speakers with no formal training in translation education who wish to improve or expand their knowledge and skills in oral or written translation. The online mode of delivery is ideal for professionals who, due to career and family obligations, cannot attend face-to-face classes.

Upon completion of the program, students will have attained the following:

  • Practice translating medical, legal, and business content from English to Spanish and Spanish to English
  • Knowledge of English/Spanish health, legal and business terminology and of how to expand on it
  • Knowledge of how to make translation decisions on the basis of the translation requirements
  • Training in cultural competency
  • Preparation to work in health and legal settings

A UA Certificate in Translation is awarded upon completion of the program (3 courses) and demonstration of excellence by successfully completing a comprehensive examination. 

Students must first pass a written entrance exam to test their proficiency in English and Spanish before being allowed to register for the program. In addition, students must complete and submit a background information form. Clicking on "Register for Class" will lead students to the exam and form; once passing the exam, students will be provided with a link to register for the Certificate or individual classes.

For more information, please call (520) 626-6512 or see our FAQ section below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does the certification allow me to work as a translator/interpreter?  

A: There exists no official government issued certification in the US to work as a translator. The translation certificate is an educational credential that employers take as an indication of your level of skill and knowledge. Examples of other educational credentials are Associate, Bachelors, Masters degrees, etc.

2. Q: What kinds of career opportunities will this program open up for me?

A: This course is intended to put students on a direct path toward job market success. It accomplishes this goal by incorporating a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of employers in the areas of Medical, Legal, and Business Translation.

3. Q: Do I need to take all three courses?

A: To obtain the certificate you need to take all three courses. However, we can offer a certificate of completion if you have taken only one or two courses.

4. Q: How many courses are offered per semester?

A: It depends on enrollment.  Given sufficient enrollment, we could offer up to three courses in one semester.  However, unless you are taking courses full-time, we do not recommend you take more than 1 or 2 courses simultaneously.

5. Q: Do I need to have formal training in translation prior to enrolling in this program?

A: No, this course is intended for bilingual English-Spanish speakers with no formal training in translation.  Textual (i.e. writing) proficiency is required in both languages.

6. Q: In order to apply and enroll, do I need to have a high school diploma or GED?

A: No, technically you do not have to have one.  However, your educational record is considered in your application in conjunction with your other materials (resume, quiz, etc.).

7. Q: Are there any funding or fellowship opportunities available?

A: At the moment, no.

8: Q:  Will I be a certified translator after taking all three courses?

A:  No.  You will have a Certificate in Translation (i.e., an academic credential).  There is no government-issued translation certification in the US.  Some organizations offer tests to translators (and interpreters). The translators who pass the test are certified by that organization.  A well-known test is the one offered by the American Translators Association (

9. Q: How do online classes work?

A: The online translation courses are asynchronous, and self-paced with a few deadlines for submission of assignments and online discussions.   The course revolves around guided translation assignments (with exercises) and feedback about those assignments. 

10. Q: Is there a specific time that we need to be online to watch a professor live? 

A: No, there are no live videos and no specific times you need to be online participating. You can participate in discussions at your leisure but will need to abide by the due dates provided. 

11. Q: How many classes are there per week?

A: Depending on how many classes you are taking, you will have work every week for each class.

12. Q: How much time per week should I expect to spend in this class? 

A: Estimate you may need between 5-8 hours a week for each class, depending on the assignment and your level of skill/interest.