Transmissions System Operations Certificate

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Course Description

Course Description This series presents Transmission System Operators and Operator Trainees with a review of the fundamentals and advanced concepts relating to the day to day and emergency operations of transmission assets as well as monitoring and control to NERC Standards. 7500 Transmission System Operator Series Package 7501 Review of Fundamentals 7502 Power Transmission 7503 System Voltage Control 7504 System Frequency and Tie-Line Control 7505 Power Dispatching 7506 System Security 7507 Operating Under Abnormal Conditions 7508 System Restoration 7509 Monitoring and Control Communications 7510 Transmission System Protection 7511 Electric Utility Deregulation in North America 7514 Controlling to NERC Standards: Interconnection Operation 7515_ Transmission Operations_101 7516 Controlling to NERC Standards: Generation Control and Performance 7517 Controlling to NERC Standards: Aspects of System Operations 7518 Controlling to NERC Standards: Power System Transactions and Coordination 7519_Transmission Restoration 0 7520_ Bulk Electric System Restoration 02 7521_Protective Relays for System Operators 01

68 Hours/6 Months Access/Instructor Mentored