Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam Preparation Course

Engineers at work

If you have a 4-year engineering degree or 4 years of documented work experience in the engineering field, passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the first step towards becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE).

Get Ready for the FE Exam

The online FE Exam Prep course is designed to maximize your chance at passing the FE exam the first time. View full syllabus. The course includes:

  • Coverage of every topic on the FE Civil Engineering and Other Disciplines exams: math, probability and statistics, chemistry, ethics and safety, engineering economics, instrumentation, statics, dynamics, material science, fluid mechanics, electrical power and more.
  • Video lectures, homework activities, and quizzes/exams to reinforce your learning and help you gauge your progress on each topic.
  • Practical problem-solving and test-taking strategies to help you get ready for the type of questions you will see on the FE exam.
  • A convenient online format, so you can get ready for the FE exam from any location. All course activities can be completed online, on your own schedule, each week.
  • Personalized help and support to set you up for FE exam success. You can ask questions and get help from the instructors, as well as attending optional weekly instructor-led live study sessions (in-person in Tucson or online via Zoom). 

Everyone is welcome. Refugees, immigrants and others with documented engineering experience in their home countries are welcome. Current and former engineering students from the University of Arizona and other universities are also encouraged to participate. 

Schedule and Price

FE Exam Prep is offered twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

  • Spring class dates: January 10-May 1, 2024 - registration for this class is now closed
  • Fall class dates: August 28-December 11, 2024 - click to register for fall class

Register for Class

Participation in weekly study sessions is optional but encouraged. Study sessions will be offered every Wednesday 5:30-7 p.m., excluding holidays. You can attend the study sessions in person (in Tucson) or online (via Zoom from any location).

Price: $899 (does not include cost of taking the FE exam)

Discounts are available for: military-connected learners; University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University students and alumni; and for participants referred by refugee-serving community organizations. Members of specific professional organizations may also be eligible for a discount.


Tariq Tariq became a Professional Engineer in Arizona in 2022. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and passed the FE exam in 2020. For most of his work day, he has been a designer/drafter, design engineer, and project management for civil and water resources projects in Arizona and California. 

Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, Tariq came to Tucson as a refugee with his family in 2011. Tariq is passionate about serving vulnerable and under-represented communities, and bringing insight into how to make those communities and their infrastructure safer in a modernizing world.


Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about the exam, the application process, and the FE Exam Prep course.



Discounts are available for military-connected learners and for University of Arizona, ASU and NAU students and alumni.

Refugee Referrals

Refugees referred by community organizations may be eligible for discounts.