Understanding the H1-B Funding Process

The H1-B One Workforce Grant is a specialized employment assistance program that provides job skills training funding for eligible participants.

If you are seeking H1-B funding for a University of Arizona Continuing & Professional Education program, these are the steps in the funding request process.

Step 1: Discuss with your funder

Contact Pima County One-Stop at (520) 724-7700 or via email to learn more about H-1B funding opportunities. You may be connected with a career adviser or counselor. This person will usually review your work history, skills and goals to help you choose the right program to advance your career. Your adviser/counselor will usually help you understand the types of support or funding you may be eligible to receive, including whether you may be eligible for H1-B funding.

Step 2: Choose a program.

Find the training program that is right for you on the list of University of Arizona H1-B-eligible programs.

Step 3: Request a Training Plan.

Complete the University of Arizona Training Plan Request Form. This form gives us the information we need to create a Training Plan for you. Your funder will review the Training Plan to determine whether to approve H1-B funding for the program.

Request a Training Plan

Step 4: Get approved by your funder. When your funding is approved, you may receive a voucher, authorization letter or purchase order document, depending on the funding available. Please send that approval document to Jo Ann Sanders, sand@email.arizona.edu.

Step 5: Start learning!

When your funding is approved, we will register you for the approved program. We will also work with your funder to handle payment processing.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us.