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New Program: Digital Marketing

LinkedIn recently identified Digital Marketer as one of the top 10 in-demand and growing jobs nationwide.

Digital Marketing Science is a ten-week online professional development program that teaches you the fundamental skills you need to join this rapidly growing profession, in just 10 weeks.

You will learn:

  • Marketing analytics, marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, paid social, content marketing, email marketing and more.
  • How to use in-demand tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and HubSpot (and earn industry-recognized certifications that demonstrate your practical knowledge and skills).

You will also complete a Strategic Digital Marketing Playbook, applying your digital marketing skills in a real-world context.

How It Works

The ten-week Digital Marketing Science course includes weekly on-demand online learning content such as videos and reading, plus assignments to reinforce your learning and provide you with practical hands-on experience. All activities can be completed online, on your own schedule, each week.

You can also attend optional (but recommended) mentor-led live broadcasts once a week via video conference.

By the time you finish the course, you will have learned core digital marketing skills, plus you will have earned three in-demand marketing technology certifications and a Certificate of Completion. 

Who Can Take This Course?

This noncredit professional development program is open to all. You do not need prior digital marketing experience, and you don't have to be located in Arizona or a University of Arizona student. The convenient online format allows you to learn in-demand digital marketing skills from any location.

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