Tucson Coding Boot Camp Graduates

Tucson Coding Boot Camp Celebrates Its First Graduating Class

What do food waste, performance reviews and managing cabinet door inventory have in common? These are just a few of the problems that University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp graduates tackled in their final projects.

What Kind of Projects Come Out of Coding Boot Camp?

At UA Coding Boot Camp, students learn the front-end and back-end coding skills to become full-stack web developers. They also have the opportunity to simulate a professional work environment by teaming up with their peers to build complex projects that solve real-world problems and boost their portfolios. 

Though several Phoenix-area Coding Boot Camps have already graduated in the last year, this was the first Tucson Coding Boot Camp class to graduate. As part of the graduation festivities, students demonstrated their projects to an enthusiastic audience of friends, family and potential employers.

The diversity and complexity of these projects is particularly impressive, given that the majority of students had little or no coding experience prior to starting Coding Boot Camp 24 weeks earlier.

Lettuce Eat

This app is designed to connect local restaurants that have excess food to nonprofits that need food donations. Restaurants can post announcements about the food they want to donate, and nonprofits can indicate that they are interested in picking up the donations.


This contemporary shopping app creates shopping lists by intelligently parsing snapshots of users’ receipts. It helps users develop a detailed pantry and shopping list, based on what they have actually purchased. You can read more about one ChowPal team member’s Coding Boot Camp experience here.


Momento is Spanish for “moment,” and it is also an easy and streamlined photo-sharing app. It allows multiple users to contribute to the same album, making it great for weddings and family events. It’s also a more private option than sharing photos on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.


This app connects people with skills to people who have a need for those skills. The app is geared towards informal community-based skill-sharing, rather than searching for licensed professionals such as plumbers or electricians.

Porta Door Co

This project was created by a student who works for his family’s custom cabinet-manufacturing business, Porta Door Co. The company’s inventory and order management system is functional but dated and clunky. The student designed a modern, user-friendly inventory management system to meet his family business’s needs.

Local Shopper

This application is designed to help shoppers find products that are available to purchase locally. Small businesses can upload an inventory list as a CSV file, and local shoppers can search the app for the products they want to buy. The app is particularly useful for surfacing specialty items sold by small businesses that may not have online stores or even a web presence.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance streamlines the often time-consuming employee performance management and review process. More and more, organizations are replacing traditional annual performance reviews with ongoing weekly or even daily feedback. Peak Performance offers a simple way to provide quick, actionable employee feedback.  

Congratulations, Tucson Coding Boot Camp graduates!

Learn More About UA Coding Boot Camp

The challenging UA Coding Boot Camp curriculum teaches participants the skills they need to become full-stack web developers. Students learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, Bootstrap, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, Database Theory, Bookshelf.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Command Line, Git and more in a hands-on, collaborative classroom environment.

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