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Many student athletes have poor sleep due to scheduling demands, frequent travel, and social and other pressures. Poor sleep can then lead to decreased mental and physical health, decreased recovery, and decreased performance.

Project REST (Recovery and Enhancement Sleep Training) is a series of instructional videos and handouts curated by Michael Grandner, PhD, and Amy Athey, PsyD, of the University of Arizona. This material includes helpful information regarding the basics of sleep, sleep difficulties, improving and tracking sleep, and sleep and student athletes. You will have access to these materials for one year.

This material is designed for student athletes and may be useful for potentially improving the health and well-being of student athletes through improved sleep. Student athletes who participated in an NCAA-funded research study tested the Project REST material and perceived overall improvements in their knowledge about sleep, quality of their sleep, amount of sleep, and other aspects of functioning.

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NCAA Discount for Student Athletes and Staff Members

NCAA-affiliated student athletes and staff members are eligible for a significant discount on this Project REST material. NCAA members pay only $25 for access to Project REST materials (retail price is $995).

To receive this discount, you will need to fill out a quick form, verifying that you are a student athlete or staff member of an NCAA member institution.

Your membership can be verified by either:

  • A photo of a University ID from a University that is an NCAA member institution


  • A signed letter from a representative of an athletics department that verifies your status

Once we have verified your eligibility, you will be sent a one-time use coupon code, which can be redeemed during checkout to receive the discounted price.