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New Legal Studies Certificate Programs Now Available

Paralegal is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country, with job openings in every state and across a wide variety of industries.

That's why we're excited to launch two new noncredit Paralegal certificate programs: Paralegal Specialization in Real Property Law and the Advanced Paralegal Certificate.

Paralegal Certificate Speciliazation in Real Property Law

This noncredit professional development program includes the same Paralegal courses as our popular Paralegal Certificate program, plus specialized training in Real Property Law.

In addition to preparing to start a career as a Paralegal, you will learn about land transactions, conveyancing, mortgaging, landlord-tenant, and the documents which record the purchase, sale, and leasing of real estates. 

To earn the Paralegal Certification Specialization in Real Property you will complete three seven-week online courses: Paralegal 1, Paralegal 2 and Advanced Paralegal: Real Property Law.

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Advanced Paralegal Certificate

The Advanced Paralegal Certificate builds on the Paralegal Certificate program with courses in specialized facets of contemporary law.

To complete the Advanced Paralegal Certificate, you will take six Advanced Paralegal courses. Each course is offered in a seven-week online session, and you may take 1-3 topics per session, in any order.

Advanced Paralegal course topics include: Advanced Legal Research, Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation), Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, e-Discovery, Estate Planning, Family Law, Real Property Law, Victim Advocacy and more.

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You can start the Paralegal Specialization or Advanced Paralegal programs in March, May, June, August or October.